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LTD «Хладокомбинат №3» - one of the main producers of ice cream in the Ural region.
The technical capabilities of the company allow to produce a wide range of ice cream:
creamy, sundae, sorbet and fruit ice; From a simple waffle cup to complex forms of ice cream like
Ice cream rolls anf three-layered cakes.

Main advantage of LTD «Хладокомбинат №3» is the production of the whole assortment based on natural milk. This distinguishes our final product from analogues made on the basis of water and dry ingredients. The recipe for truly delicious ice cream has remained unchanged since the Soviet times: natural milk, butter, sugar and vanilla, plus strict adherence to technology without the addition of preservatives, chemical additives and GMOs.

Natural creamy taste, preservation of the beneficial properties of milk - these are just some of the features of ice cream from «Хладокомбинат №3». 

It should be noted that few companies can be proud of the presence of international certificates of quality management system and food products. ISO 9001:2008 and FSSC 22000 (ISO 22000:2005, ISO 22002-1), which «Хладокомбинат №3» has been operating since 2008 and confirms them on an annual basis.​

Today, the production capacity of the enterprise reaches 50 tons per day. The factory has everything at hand - own farm and modern equipment to achieve the necessary taste. Under control the entire process chain from sowing grass to making the proper packaging.

Sales department:

The chief of a wholesale department: Kochegarova Nataliya

+7 (343) 215-79-05,

Deputy division chief: Siluyanov Aleksandr

 +7 900 198 69 30,

Waffle cups


«ГОСТОВский» sundae 15% vanilla
«ГОСТОВский» chocolate
sundae 15%
«ГОСТОВский» with chocolate chips
vanilla sundae with chocolate chips
«ГОСТОВский» blueberry
sundae 15% vanilla flavored with blueberry jam
«ГОСТОВский» strawberry

sundae 15% vanilla flavored with strawberry jam
"ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ" with cream
vanilla ice cream
"ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ" chocolate and cream chocolate ice cream
"ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ" cream with chocolate glazed chips
vanilla ice cream with chocolate glazed chips
«ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ!» with condensed milk
vanilla creamy ice cream with condensed milk
«ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ!» with raisins
vanilla creamy ice cream with raisins
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«ГОСТОВский» eskimo
sundae 15% vanilla
«ГОСТОВский» eskimo in a chocolate glaze
sundae 15% in chocolate glaze
«ГОСТОВский» sundae in foil
vanilla sundae in chocolate glaze
«Белый фрегат» creme brulee ice cream in white glaze
«Вечерний Екатеринбург»
sundae 15% in chocolate glaze
«Исетское» vanilla ice cream in chocolate glaze
«Голливуд» chocolate ice cream in chocolate glaze
"ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ" with cream vanilla ice cream in chocolate glaze
Eskimo "ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ!" creamy ice cream with strawberry flavor
«Предвкушение «bird's milk» vanilla sundae-souffle with chocolate topping in chocolate glaze
«Дуэт» pistachio and almond
double-layered ice cream with pistachio, almond and chocolate aroma in white glaz
«Дуэт» strawberry and banana double-layered ice cream with banana and strawberry flavor in white glaze
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Fruit ice

fruit ice with mango flavor
fruit ice with melon and strawberry flavor
«ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ!» watermelon. Fruit ice with watermelon and apple flavor
«Сочный апельсин» fruit ice with orange flavor
«Зелёное яблоко» fruit ice with apple flavor
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Waffle cone

«ГОСТОВский» with blueberry jam 15% vanilla blueberry sundae with blueberry jam and puffed rice in a sugar waffle cone
«ГОСТОВский» chocolate
15% vanilla chocolate sundae with chocolate topping and puffed rice in a sugar waffle cone
«КРЕМ ПЛЕЗИР bird's milk» vanilla ice cream-soufflé with chocolate topping, chocolate glaze and marshmallow in a sugar waffle cone
«КРЕМ ПЛЕЗИР» strawberry and marmalade
"КРЕМ ПЛЕЗИР" pistachios and nuts almonds flavor
«ВЕСЁЛЫЙ РОЖОК» with wild berry
«ВЕСЁЛЫЙ РОЖОК» with condensed milk
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 In whipped chocolate glaze

«ГОСТОВский пломбир Свердловская лакомка» vanilla sundae in whipped chocolate glaze
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Cardboard cup

«ГОСТОВский» vanilla ice cream
«ГОСТОВский» chocolate ice cream
"ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ!" pistachio flavor ice cream with pistachio aroma and chocolate topping
«Время летать!®»
strawberry flavor vanilla ice cream with strawberry filling
«Время летать!®» blueberry flavor. Blueberry vanilla ice cream and blueberry jam
"ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ!" raspberry with marmalade raspberry ice cream with marmalade
"ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ! sundae on cream 20% vanilla
"ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ!" cotton candy ice cream witch cotton candy flavor
«Время летать!®»bubble-gum flavor ice cream with bubble-gum flavor
"ВРЕМЯ ЛЕТАТЬ!" coffee ice cream (with the addition of natural coffee)
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Plastic cup

«Предвкушение®» bird's milk
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«Предвкушение®» pineapple, cherry and marmalade
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Cardboard bucket

Plastic bath

«ГОСТОВ®ский» with pine nuts vanilla-sundae with pine nuts
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«ГОСТОВ®ский chocolate and pistachio flavor
«ГОСТОВ®ский» sundae 15% vanilla
«ГОСТОВ®ский» sundae 15% chocolate
«Предвкушение® bird's milk
«Время летать!®» vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping
«Время летать!®» chocolate ice cream with cream
«Время летать!®» raspberry with marmalade
«Время летать!®» vanilla ice cream with blueberry flavor
«Время летать!®» vanilla ice cream with strawberry flavor
«Время летать!®» pistachio flavor
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«ГОСТОВ®ский sundae 15% vanilla
«ГОСТОВ®ский» sandwich vanilla sundae with chocolate chips and biscuit, in chocolate glaze with peanuts
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«ГОСТОВ®ский»sundae 15% vanilla
«ГОСТОВ®ский»sundae 15% vanilla
«ГОСТОВ®ский» sundae 15% chocolate
«ГОСТОВ®ский» sundae 15% chocolate
«ГОСТОВ®ский пломбир» chocolate and pistachio flavor
«ГОСТОВ®ский» vanilla and strawberry flavor
«ГОСТОВ®ский» walnut and maple syrup. Double layer sundae with walnut, maple syrup and chocolate topping
«Классический Гостовский Пломбир®» sundae vanilla
«Время летать!®» vanilla ice cream
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«Предвкушение®» bird's milk. Vanilla sundae-souffle with chocolate topping
«Предвкушение®» strawberry and vanilla flavor. Strawberry-vanilla ice cream with strawberry jam. Decorated with dragee
«Предвкушение®» pistachio-chocolate flavor
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«Крем Плезир®» chocolate, creme brulee, vanilla
«Крем Плезир®» vanilla and strawberry flavor
«Предвкушение® bird's milk
«Вечерний Екатеринбург®» vanilla sundae with chocolate glaze and almonds
«Предвкушение®» vanilla sundae with caramel and peanuts
«Предвкушение®» strawberry flavor
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«ГОСТОВ®ский пломбир» sundae 15% vanilla
«ГОСТОВ®ский пломбир» sundae 15% chocolate
«Предвкушение® Provencal strawberry with cream
«Предвкушение®» Swiss Chocolate
«Предвкушение®» Italian pistachio
«Предвкушение® ripe melon. Melon flavor creamy ice cream with melon slices
«Предвкушение® Boulogne cherry. Cherry flavored cream ice cream with cherry berries
«Предвкушение®» forest blueberry. Blueberry flavored creamy ice cream with blueberries
«Предвкушение® tropical banana. Banana flavor creamy ice cream with banana slices
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«ГОСТОВский» chocolate sundae 15%